Adiabatic Coolers and Dry Air Coolers

Dry Air Coolers and Wetted Surface Adiabatic Coolers

Whether your application is cooling water/glycol for water cooled chillers, injection moulding machines or any other process, Vistech can recommend the most suitable dry air or adiabatic cooler solution to meet your space and noise requirements. We can provide design arrangements to suit your specific needs including flatbed vertical or horizontal with V and W configurations to offer the smallest footprint.

Adiabatic cooling provides the option to cool water to within 6oC of the ambient wet bulb, increasing the cooling effect of the unit when the ambient dry bulb is 3oC above the design wet bulb. Our adiabatic coolers can be used as conventional dry air coolers when the cooling demand doesn’t warrant the additional cooling requirement. The water used for wetting the cooler is not retained nor recycled and typically is provided by a mains feed at temperatures between 10oC and 15oC therefore the legionella risk is minimal.

  • Highly efficient heat exchange
  • Low noise
  • Ease of installation and use
  • Suitable for outdoor applications

The wetted surface option of coolers enables units to be economically sized for a lower ambient thus saving space and capital cost. Alternatively units can be selected for cooling water to a temperature below the ambient dry bulb approaching conditions close to evaporative towers.

Vistech can work with you to deliver the most suitable cooling solution to meet your cooling requirements. Please to speak to a technical sales engineer to discuss your specific requirements.

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Closed Circuit Adiabatic Water Coolers, Legionella Free

Closed Circuit Adiabatic Water Coolers, Legionella Free with Smart Technology

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