Vistech can provide and install high efficiency packing to suit all makes and model of crossflow and counterflow cooling towers including:

  • BAC (Baltimore Aircoil)
  • Evapco
  • Carter
  • Cooltech
  • Davenport
  • Deksa
  • EWK
  • Film
  • GEA
  • Ghol
  • Hamon
  • Head Wrightson
  • HTI
  • SPX (Marley)
  • Vestas
  • Water Tech
  • Vistech
  • Visco
  • Watermiser

Removal of your cooling tower packing is beneficial when cleaning the tower and highlighted in HSG274 Pt1

 Removal of the cooling tower pack, where this can be done relatively easily and reinstated safely without damage, will inform the inspection and assessment and aid any potential cleaning. “

Standard Material 12mm Flute High-Efficiency Packing


  1. Guaranteed High Performance Characteristic
  2. Easy installation and removal for cleaning and maintenance
  3. Low pressure drop
  4. Self-Supporting Structure
  5. Long Service life due to chemical bacterial and UV resistance
  6. Pre-manufactured to exact tower size

Anti-Legionella 12mm Flute High-Efficiency Packing