Environmental responsibility and operational efficiency are at the core of any turnkey solution provided by Vistech.

At Vistech Cooling Systems, we offer a comprehensive technical services and expertise, facilitating your company in meeting and exceeding its sustainability goals while significantly reducing operational costs.

Our initial steps are to conduct an in-depth system performance analysis, ensuring an accurate understanding of your current cooling system. This insight allows us to precisely benchmark your current cooling system’s operational demands, allowing our technical team to accurately design your replacement system. This eliminates any excess consumption of power and water, thereby moving towards a greener, cost-effective operation. 

Ensure your cooling systems are operating at peak efficiency with our Performance Monitoring services, delivering real-time data for improved operational efficiency.

Leverage our in-house design expertise for a cooling system that not only meets your operational demands but is also environmentally responsible.

Our technical team, with an average of over 25 years’ experience in designing cooling systems will be able to create a tailored solution that significantly reduces your energy and water consumption, resulting in a lower operational cost and a step closer to your environmental goals.

A transition to new and innovative evaporative cooling technologies, is a proven method to reduce carbon emissions and operational costs across your business.

Our installation process is seamless and geared towards ensuring your cooling system is optimally designed to meet the demands of your process for years to come.

Discover how our approach has driven sustainability and savings for other businesses.

Our commitment to sustainability includes the integration of Smart Towers and Adiabatic Coolers during the installation process. These innovative technologies reduce energy consumption using advanced inverters and control loops.

Additionally, their inbuilt scheduling functionality ensures efficient operation while keeping noise emissions to a minimum, creating a quieter and more environmentally responsible cooling solution.

With Vistech, you’re not just acquiring a cooling solution; you’re gaining a partner committed to achieving your environmental and financial objectives.

Our approach ensures every aspect of your cooling system is optimised for sustainability, efficiency, and cost-savings, making a measurable difference towards achieving Net Zero.