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Our knowledge centre is a resource that provides our customers with studies and reports that our technical team have written to support you with your own cooling requirements. It is an evolving area of our website that will be continuously added to as we complete more studies and provide analysis on specific cooling themes. We have also incorporated a number of case studies to demonstrate our technical capabilities. If you would like to speak to our existing clients about what we have delivered for them, please contact us and we can put you in touch.

Technical Guides

Welcome to the the guide section of our site

Here you will find expert advice from our senior technical team. This is a resource that we will be building over time to serve the needs of our clients’ cooling requirements. All our guides are free to download and can be an excellent source of information when planning for your next cooling system project.

If you are looking for further advice and guidance please contact us here to speak to a Technical Sales Engineer.

The Design And Operation Of Evaporative and Dry Water Cooling Systems


Cooling water is used in numerous industrial and commercial applications. The method by which the water is cooled can make a serious impact on the operating costs and operation of a system. The object of this paper is to consider the primary solutions, their advantages / disadvantages limitations and their impact on both energy consumption and operating costs.

There are many combinations of cooling equipment and variations to their design that it is not practical to compare all types of cooling tower with all types of adiabatic and dry cooler etc. The comparisons within this paper are therefore based on the common standard selections in each instance. It is important to point out that, the particular requirements of an individual project should always be considered. However, this paper provides a good starting point for many applications.

Ten Important Factors You Should Consider With A New Or Replacement Cooling Tower

Significant savings can be obtained in both capital and life cycle costs

When replacing an existing cooling tower, or designing a new installation, there is naturally a tendency to replace like with like or repeat previous designs. However, this guide will help you assess all the options for efficient design and installation, so that you don’t overlook important new opportunities for optimum cooling tower performance.

This FREE guide addresses the 10 key factors for successful design and installation of new or replacement towers that will ensure significant savings can be achieved in both capital and life-cycle costs.

Seven Key Factors That Must Be Monitored To Combat Legionella

The Cooling Tower Maintenance Guide

The HSE have recently published the fourth edition of the approved code of Practice ACOP L8 together with HSG274 part 1. This was carried out in conjunction with a nationwide inspection of many cooling towers. The focus on Cooling tower maintenance has never been greater. Therefore, we have recently published this guide to addresses the key factors that will ensure that your cooling system stays safe, efficient and reliable.

Checking that your cooling tower is operating at peak efficiency and minimum risk from Legionella is vitally important. The potential penalties from not doing so can be severe. By managing, monitoring and maintaining your system correctly, both operating costs and safety are ensured.

Case Studies

Birds Eye Lowesoft

Replacement cooling towers and condensers with virtually 100% casing corrosion protection and 55% reduction in energy consumption

Birds Eye, part of Europe’s largest frozen foods business Iglo Food Group Ltd, relies on efficient cooling to ensure that their high standards of food production are maintained across their global food factory locations 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. At their UK Lowestoft site in the East of England they have recently made the decision to replace a number of ageing evaporative condensers. The factory faces the North Sea coastline and therefore operates in a highly corrosive environment.

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Mannochmore Distillery

Controlling legionella risk and extending drift eliminator life with a simple design improvement

Sometimes a relatively simple design improvement can have wide-ranging benefits to a business.
This was the case recently when Mannochmore Distillery in Scotland approached us to replace the drift eliminators in six of their cooling towers.

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Distillery turnkey cooling system replacement project

Lloyd’s of London

City heat at Lloyd’s of London: Improved Performance and Greater Efficiency

Completed in 1986, the Lloyd’s building was designed to the most exacting specifications. However, as technology boomed, the cooling systems could no longer cope in the height of summer with the increased heat being generated by the explosion in IT equipment.

Replacing these systems would be no easy task because of the building’s revolutionary ‘inside-out’ design. Richard Rogers had taken the usual internal elements of a building and made them design features on the outside. This gives Lloyd’s incredible freedom of space inside the building, but means service work involves unique challenges.

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Cooling Tower Refurbishment

Tarkett is a global flooring and sports surface solution business with 12,500 employees across 34 international locations. They had net sales of £2.7bn euros in 2016 in over 100 countries which equates to 1.3million meters of flooring sold every day.
Vistech were asked by the UK Tarkett site in Maidstone, Kent to survey their ageing cooling towers with a view to extensive refurbishment to give them 10 years more life.

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