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Vistech-Centrifugal Fans-Forced Draft r4324 3

Replacement Stainless Steel fan with Stainless Steel Impeller

EWK-Access System-Induced Draft r3r32

GRP access with stairs to provide safe access to all levels of cooling tower

BAC-Drift Eliminator-Forced Draft-1 44444411

Replacement High Efficiency Stainless Steel Framed Drift Eliminators

BAC-Packing-Crossflow (2) r32r 32

Anti-Legionella Crossflow Packing

Centrifugal Fans 2

Stainless Steel fan Casings

Centrifugal Fans 3

Replacement Centrifugal Cooling Tower Fan

Access Door

Quick Release Cooling Tower Access Door

Access Door 2

Stainless Steel Access Door

Drift Eliminators 1

High Efficiency Anti-Legionella Stainless Steel Framed Drift Eliminators

Distribution System 1

Replacement Spray Distribution System

Pump 1

Duty / Standby Pump set

Packing 1

Repack of crossflow cooling tower

Lining 1

GRP Lining Cooling Tower

Drift Eliminators 3

Anti-Legionella Drift Eliminator Install

Drift Eliminators 4

Framed Drift Eliminators

Access 0

GRP Access Ladder

Louvers 1

Replacement Cooling Tower Casing and Inlet Louvres

Water Filtration 1

Coil Filter Installation

Water Filtration 3

Coil Filter Install

louvers 5

Louver replacement on cooling tower

Air Filtration 0

Air Intake Screens

Louvers 2

Replacement Intake Louvers

Water Filtration 1

coil Filter

Water Filtration 0

Side Stream Coil Filter

Access 10

GRP Access Platform

Axial Fan

Replacement Fan Duct

Access 80

GRP Access Platform

Access 21

GRP Access Platform

Access Door 9

Stainless Steel Access Doors

Centrifugal Fans 7

External Coating of Carter Cooling Towers

Packing 14

Anti-Legionella Crossflow packing

Packing 18

Anti-Legionella Drift Eliminators - Crossflow Cooling Tower

Drift Eliminator 06

Framed Drift Eliminators

BAC-Access-Crossflow rrr6645754h

GRP Cleansafe Flooring - Crossflow Cooling Tower

Drift Eliminator 01

Framed Drift Eliminators - BAC Cooling Tower

Air Filtration 01

Air Intake Screens Cooling Tower

Air Filtration 100

Air Intake Screens, Evaporative Condenser

Access 090

Drift Eliminator Safe Access

Access 787

GRP Cooling Tower Access

Access 353

GRP Access Ladders

Access System 54

Crossflow Pack Support

Centrifugal Fans 4

Replacement Centrifugal Fan

Access 8

GRP Cleansafe Flooring Cooling Tower