September 19, 2023
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Efficient & Cost-Effective Solution for Industrial & Commercial Cooling

Evaporative cooling towers are a highly efficient and effective method of cooling water. In these systems, water is cooled by evaporating a small proportion of the circulating water, which causes the remaining water to be cooled. Approximately 80% of the cooling is provided by the evaporative effect (also known as latent heat transfer) and 20% by sensible heat transfer. This makes evaporative cooling towers an ideal choice for industrial and commercial applications where efficient and effective cooling is required.

Cooling towers must be operated and maintained in accordance with the Health & Safety Executives ACOP L8 & HSG 274, which requires risk assessments, management of risk, monitoring and record keeping as part of the management system. There are also water treatment, cleaning and water costs associated with the operation of cooling towers, which must be taken into account.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Cooling Towers

Cooling towers have several advantages, including a small plan area, low power consumption, low noise level, and low operating costs. They also operate according to the prevailing wet bulb temperature, which is always lower than the dry bulb temperature, giving them an automatic advantage when considering power.

However, cooling towers also have some disadvantages, including the potential for legionella, which can become a concern. While there has never been a legionella outbreak in a properly maintained system, it is still important to take appropriate precautions. Cooling towers are also not ideal in locations where water is scarce, as they require a significant amount of water for their operation. However, blowdown from the cooling system can be returned to the cooling system after processing, which can help to reduce water consumption and make cooling towers more cost-effective for larger systems.

To Summarise

In conclusion, evaporative cooling towers are a highly efficient and effective way of cooling water. They must be operated and maintained in accordance with current legislation and best practices, and their advantages and disadvantages must be carefully considered when selecting a cooling system. With proper operation and maintenance, evaporative cooling towers can provide a cost-effective and reliable solution for industrial and commercial cooling needs.