General Features

  • Broad Range: From 500 to 10.000 m3/h)
  • Modular design in GRP
  • Corrosion free
  • Standard Fill materials in Polypropylene with anti-legionella treatment (SANIPACKING®) 
  • Industrial applications
  • Easy maintenance
  • German engineering
  • Materials highly resistant to all aggressive conditions, as well as to extreme temperatures
  • Pre-assembled at the factory
  • Three different options:
  1. A) WITH complete integrated sump and inlet louvers
  2. B) WITHOUT integrated sump but WITH  inlet louvers
  3. C) WITHOUT integrated sump and WITHOUT inlet louvers



Empty weight
Service Weight (kg)Fan Power (kW)Length (mm)Width (mm)Height (mm)Dim. Drawing
Concrete Raft
Plan Dim.
Polyester Raft
EWK 21003372,6 51001910022474046106750Open open iconDownload download-icon
EWK 31005117,1 68002480030704046107095Open open iconDownload download-icon
EWK 45007267.5101003640037704069007255Open open iconDownload download-icon
EWK 4200 6745,210300347002×22 474092407050Open open iconDownload download-icon
EWK 6200 10234,213800498002×30 704092407395Open open iconDownload download-icon
EWK 9000 10234,220400729002×37 7040138507555Open open iconDownload download-icon
EWK 2100 3372,64200590022474046106150Open open iconDownload download-icon
EWK 3100 5117,1 56008100307040 46106655Open open iconDownload download-icon
EWK 4500 7267.5 83001210037 7040 69156495Open open iconDownload download-icon
EWK 4200 6745,2 8500119002×22 474092406450Open open iconDownload download-icon
EWK 6200 10234,2 11400 164002×30 704092406955Open open iconOpen open icon
EWK 9000 14535,0 16800243002×37 7040138506795Open open iconOpen open icon
EWK 2100 3372,633005000224740 46104175Open open iconOpen open icon
EWK 3100 5117,14400690030704046104520Open open iconOpen open icon
EWK 4500 7267.5 65001030037704069154680Open open iconOpen open icon
EWK 42006745,2 6700101002×22 4740 924041752 Open open iconOpen open icon
EWK 6200 10234,2 9000140002×30 704092404520Open open iconOpen open icon
EWK 900014535,0 13200207002×37 7040138504680Open open iconOpen open icon

Additional Equipment

  • PRFV with SANIPACKING® treatment casing
  • Access ladder & Hand rail to the fan motor 
  • Access door in Polypropylene 
  • Vibration switch for ventilation equipment 
  • Electric motor frequency converters
  • PTC sensor for the motor
  • Exhaust silencer 
  • Low noise fan
  • Sensors for the level of water in the basin
  • Winter pack (Thermostat & Immersion heater) to protect from low temperatures
  • Attenuators of noise from the drops in the basin
  • SMART Cooling Tower

Working Principles

Cooling towers bring a cold and dry air mass in counter-flow to hot water that comes from an industrial or air conditioning process. Part of this water evaporates, cooling the rest. The necessary heat for this is approx. 597 Kcal/litre. The cold water produced is then returned into the process to re-initiate the cycle. 

The difference between the required cold-water temperature and the wet bulb temperature (cooling limit distance), is significant to determine the size of the tower. The smaller the cooling distance is, the bigger the interchanging surface is needed. The cooling limit distance must be at least 3-4º C. In open cooling towers there is a close contact water-air, which is bigger thanks to the fill packing, providing a large heat exchange surface, improving performance and evaporation.