Compact open cooling towers pre assembled at factory
Seleccion EWK

General Features

  • Compact Polyester Casing
  • Plastic Internals for complete corrosion resistance
  • Low Energy Consumption
  • Easy Maintenance
  • Broad Range (From 4 to 500 m^3/h)
  • Modular Design
  • Film flow and Splash Packings



Model* Dissip. (kW)Dry Weight (kg)Service Weight (kg)Fan Power (kW)Length (mm)Width (mm)Height (mm)Dim. DrawingPlane DWGTechnical Features
EWK 036/0646511150.377206151745Open open iconDownload download-icon[-]
EWK 064/091031262350.55999.58322225Open open iconDownload download-icon[-]
EWK 100/091741643621.1130010302641Open open iconDownload download-icon[-]
EWK 144/092602184902.2139512692825Open open iconDownload download-icon[-]
EWK 225/094073558763.0169015573100Open open iconDownload download-icon[-]
EWK 324/0958146611034.0197118503425Open open iconDownload download-icon[-]
EWK 441/0978563315955.5233021503459Open open iconDownload download-icon[-]
EWK 680/091234101633477.5339523814550Open open iconDownload download-icon[-]
EWK 900/0916901131391711.0441520934485Open open iconDownload download-icon[-]
EWK 1260/0921921940651615.0428533954820Open open iconDownload download-icon[-]
EWK 1800/093150260910143422.0460943004873Open open iconDownload download-icon[-]
* Heat rejection at the following conditions: Tin: 35,0 ºC, Tout: 30,0 ºC, Twb: 24,0 ºC

Additional Equipment

  1. Sound Attenuator.
  2. Access ladder & Hand rail to the fan motor.
  3. Vibration Switch.
  4. Winter Pack (Thermostat & immersion heater)
  5. Water treatment systems (Dosing, bleed)
  6. Variable speed drives. Control panels

Working Principles

Evaporative cooling towers are the most energy efficient means of cooling water. Hot process water or condenser water from a chiller enters the distribution system at the top of the cooling tower and falls by gravity in counter-flow to the air being drawn or forced through the cooling tower by the fan. As the air passes the water a small proportion is evaporated cooling the remaining water which is collected in the cooling tower sump. The cooled water is then returned to the process or chiller.

The difference between the required cold water temperature and the wet bulb temperature (called the approach temperature), is significant in determining the size of the tower. The smaller the approach the larger the required heat exchange surface. The approach temperature must be at least 3-4 °C.

The heat exchange surface known as packing provides close contact between the air and water in open towers. High efficiency film packings provide a large surface area over which the cooling water is spread increasing the evaporative cooling effect. Splash packings can be selected for applications where the water quality is poor.